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Homework: Football Skills to Practice at Home

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

For aspiring football stars, the path to greatness doesn't stop when you leave the pitch. In fact, it's often what you do away from organised training sessions that can make the biggest difference in your game. So, while you eagerly await your next Tekky Session, we've got some homework for you! Coaches Lance and JF are here to guide you on the essential football skills you can practice at home or at your local park. Keep honing your abilities, and when you return, you'll dazzle us with your progress!

  1. Dribbling Mastery: Coach Lance says, "Dribbling is the bread and butter of any footballer's arsenal. Practicing your dribbling skills can set you apart from the competition." To improve your dribbling, set up cones or use markers to create a slalom course. Then, practice dribbling the ball through the course using both feet. Challenge yourself to maintain close control, and don't forget to use different parts of your feet—inside, outside, and the sole—to manoeuvre the ball.

  2. Passing Perfection: Coach JF emphasises the importance of passing, stating, "A precise pass can unlock defences and create goal-scoring opportunities." To work on your passing skills at home, find a wall or rebounder. Pass the ball against the wall and focus on accuracy and consistency. Practice both short, crisp passes and long, precise ones. Challenge yourself by using different parts of your foot and various techniques, such as instep drives and chip passes.

  3. Ball Control Drills: Coach Lance recommends mastering ball control, saying, "Your first touch can make or break your next move." To improve your ball control, juggle the ball using your feet, thighs, and head. Start with a few juggles and gradually increase the number. This exercise enhances your touch, balance, and coordination, making you a more composed player when receiving the ball during a game.

  4. Shooting Accuracy: Coach JF reminds us that scoring goals is the ultimate aim, saying, "A lethal striker is worth their weight in gold." Set up targets in your garden or at the park, and practice your shooting accuracy. Focus on both power and placement. Experiment with volleys, half-volleys, and one-touch shots. A well-placed shot can be the difference between a win and a draw.

  5. Fitness and Speed Training: In addition to technical skills, Coach Lance highlights the importance of fitness, saying, "Football demands endurance and speed. Improving your physical attributes can give you the edge." Incorporate running drills, agility exercises, and sprinting sessions into your routine. Work on your acceleration and deceleration to become a more agile player.

We know you can't wait until your next Tekky Session, but in the meantime, there are plenty of football skills you can practice at home or at the local park. Coaches Lance and JF have provided you with some essential homework to keep your game on point. Dribbling, passing, ball control, shooting, and fitness—these are the building blocks of a successful football career.

Remember, every minute you invest in practicing these skills at home brings you one step closer to becoming the player you aspire to be. So, grab your football, head to your garden or local park, and get to work. The more effort you put into perfecting your skills now, the brighter your future on the pitch will be. Keep up the good work, and we can't wait to see your progress when you return for your next Tekky Session!

Steve Halls

Consultant for Tekky Sessions

NexxtGen Football


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